Hello and Welcome to Russell’s World!

We’re Katie & Eric just your average millennial American couple, day dreaming of traveling the world. We lived the American Dream, we owned a cute little home by the age of 24, got married by 25, and Eric got his MBA by 27. Eric was climbing the corporate ladder, and Katie was deeply involved in her job within the nonprofit world. We’d save up our vacation days and capitalize on taking trips around holidays. From skiing the Swiss Alps to walking the rice fields in Bali, we knew there had to be more to life than the typical nine to five careers we had. As a result of being burned out of the work life, we took the plunge and moved across the world to Madrid, Spain.

Therefore, together we decided to embark on a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel the world. Eric will be pursuing his education and receiving a Masters in Real Estate Development. I’ll be taking in all the sights of Europe and immersing myself in everything a tourist could dream of, all while sharing it with you here, on Russell’s World.

Meet Katie: 20 Something, Loves English Bulldogs and Watching Sunsets

Grew up never wanting to travel outside of her home state of Kentucky. She quickly caught the travel bug. Big junk foodie, who won’t turn down anything sweet. Loves being out on the water.

Meet Eric: 20 Something, Travel Connoisseur, and a Lifelong Student

Born to travel the world and to live off the thrill of adventure. He never turns down a good sandwich. Loves to continue to educate himself through travel experiences.



We got married on January 2, 2016.

Above all, Meet Dierks, our 65 lb, 4-year-old English Bulldog.

Dierks didn’t make the trip abroad, but we are so lucky to have family who takes such great care of our fur baby!