Alcalá de Henares Christmas Market

Alcalá ciudad de la Navidad

Alcalá ciudad de la Navidad

Our first Christmas Market while living in Europe is one for the books. If you’re visiting Madrid in December and looking to get away from all the crowds at the Christmas Market at Plaza Mayor, Alcalá ciudad de la Navidad is the perfect option. The city of Alcalá de Henares is only 35 km away from Madrid, and a short 30-minute train ride from the Atocha station.

What I love about Alcalá ciudad de la Navidad is that the Christmas festivities can be found in two different areas of town. One location is at the fairground, and the other is in the Plaza Cervantes in the middle of the city.

Plaza Cervantes

When visiting Alcalá ciudad de la Navidad at Plaza Cervantes, you’ll feel like you just stepped into a Spanish winter wonderland. Plaza Cervantes is open from December 1 to January 7. It’s a great place to bring the whole family. You’ll find a giant Christmas tree, a Ferris wheel, Christmas booths lining the square, a carousel for the kiddos, and lots more fun rides for them too.

From Plaza Cervantes, two tourist trains connect the two Christmas festival locations. The train also takes you to visit the Monumental Bethlehem.

If you don’t want to wait in the line for the tourist trains, the fairgrounds are only a short walk. Plus, you get to explore the city a little too.

Alcalá de Henares Fairgrounds

The Alcalá de Henares Fairgrounds is only a short walk from Plaza Cervantes, and you won’t want to miss this when visiting.

The main highlights at Alcalá de Henares Fairgrounds:

A giant Ferris wheel that’s more than 30 meters high. Imagine the views from up there.

Roller coasters for kids and a more intense one for the childish adults in your group.

– You’ll find bumper cars for kids and adults too. If you haven’t seen my video of my experience on the bumper cars; you’re missing out. You’ll die laughing at me.

– It can’t be a Christmas Market without ice skating. So, you’ll find the largest mobile ice rink in Spain. Lace up your skates and hop out on the ice.

– You can even attend a circus that prides themselves on being a circus without animals. Even more of a reason to visit the circus!

– Plenty of tasty fair food: large assortment of different candies, cotton candy, crepes, popcorn, churros with chocolate, and so much more. You could even bring the family out to enjoy dinner.

– You can also go sledding on a giant slide.

– If you think the weather might be a little too cold. No worries, they’ve got an enclosed tent with over 5000 square meters of games, rides, food, and drinks that you can go in, to warm up.

– I almost forgot the most important part, the massive 10 meters high Santa Claus right in the middle of the ice skating rink. You can’t miss him.

At Alcalá ciudad de la Navidad, you’ll find the perfect touch of local Christmas flare. We got to see how the Spanish celebrate with Christmas Markets.

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    1. Thanks, Kate! I’m totally dying over Christmas markets this year. I’m totally embracing living in Europe and trying to hit up as many as I can.

  1. It’s true that Spain is not particularly known for its Cristmas markets (compared with Germany or France, for example) but I have to admit this one looks like a real little paradise – and even more so for kids! I had no idea about this place, thanks for sharing your experience!

  2. One of the things that I dislike about the Christmas market in my, previous home, of Belfast is that it is crazy busy. So much so, that it is impossible to move at more than one step every 2 seconds. I wish there was a suitable alternative like this to go to! The fair does remind me of family holidays in Ireland visiting coastal areas and I had to do a double take at one of your photos as i read it as “Super Kangaroo” haha

    1. Damien-Crazy busy markets, make for a hectic evening. I love finding hidden gems like I did here in Spain. Such a fun place to start the celebration of Christmas.

  3. The Santa sleigh ride looks so cute and fun! I wonder if people would judge if adults went on. And I mean adults without kids or accompanying any kids hahaa. We have a Christmas market here in Vancouver too, but this Madrid one seems so much more elaborate and almost like a winter carnival!! How fun!

  4. One of the things we would love to do is visit the Christmas Markets across the world. Love the dazzling decorations and the entire festive spirit associated with the Alcalá de Henares Christmas Market.

  5. Spain is my ultimate dream country – one of the reasons why I studied Spanish by myself. It’s amazing that the Christmas Market in Alcalá de Henares has a skating rink. 🙂

  6. What a fun way to celebrate the season, especially with little ones! It looks like a Christmas fair rather than a market, but that’s so perfect for families with kids – after all, rides, lights, and tasty treats are a great way to wear a little one out 😉

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