Fiser’s Take Europe: Berlin

Russell’s World is meant for people to use for references or resources when they are booking trips to travel the world. But, I felt that after spending ten days with my family, we needed our own post about their travels coming to visit Eric and I in Europe. Below, I mostly have pictures with dialogue walking you through all of the craziness that incurred during my families first week in Europe from getting caught on the train without tickets, being the ultimate tourists and a lot of drinking.

Planning the European Adventure

When planning this trip with my dad, mom, and sister to come visit us; we wanted to spend some time in another European country. Molly and I found some cheap flights to Paris and Berlin from the states. After consideration of how easily my father gets bored, we decided that the history buff he is; would enjoy Berlin much more than Paris.

Hilton Berlin

Eric and I booked a flight to Berlin and met the Fiser fam at the Berlin airport. We hitched a ride in taxi van and headed toward where we would call home for the next 4 days, Hilton Berlin. If you know my father, he travels for work and has stacks of Hilton Honors points packed away for a rainy day. Well, we used a pretty large sum of his rainy day fund while staying in Berlin. Thanks, Dad!

Since Steve (my father), is a ‘Diamond’ Hilton Honors member we were able to take full advantage of the Executive Lounge life. If you haven’t experienced it, the executive lounge life is pretty sweet. We got breakfast buffet every morning, coffee, tea, and pastries in the afternoon, and happy hour with appetizers in the evening. The happy hour had a full range of top-shelf liquor too! Let’s just say, we took full advantage of the lounge.

One thing I’m not too fond of is the bed situation over here in Europe. When going to hotels, you either get two twin beds or one ‘European king’ bed, which is just two twins pushed together. Steve reserved us two rooms each with a European king sized bed. You might be thinking, where did we all sleep. Well, the photo below explains the sleeping arrangements for four nights.

Shared Bed photo
Yep, that’s all three of us sharing one bed. Pretty comical if you ask me. My spot in the middle was pretty brutal.

Right outside our hotel, sat the most magical Christmas Market I’ve ever been to, Gendarmenmarkt. We truly hit the jackpot when it came to the location of our hotel.

Berlin Cosmic Comedy

My mom (Jackie), had arranged for us to attend Berlin’s only English comedy show at Cosmic Comedy. Being this was our first night in Berlin, the comedy show was a great option to help the fam beat the jet lag. We inhaled pizza and listened to some great comedians.

Mom’s first ride on the subway. Later in the week, we got hit with a $300 fine for not having tickets! Hope you like the subway, mom.
Ridding the subway with Molly.
Mom and Dad at the comedy show.
Waiting for the comedy show to begin.

Reichstag Building

Day two in Berlin started off with our lovely breakfast buffet and then off to view the German parliament building, the Reichstag. The Reichstag building houses the iconic glass dome.

Mom and Molly outside the Reichstag dome.
Inside the Reichstag dome, great views of Berlin from in there.

After the Reichstag, we made our way through Tiergarten and viewed some other sights like the Brandenburg Gate, the Soviet War Memorial, and ended at the Holocaust Memorial.

The iconic Brandenburg Gate.
Dad was a trooper will all the walking we made him do.
Dad, Eric, and Mom trying to figure out the significance of the Tiergarten.
Molly and I walking through the Holocaust Memorial.

Berlin Cathedral

After we strolled our way back to the hotel to layer up and headed toward the Berlin Cathedral. Here Molly and I took a million photos trying to get the perfect shot.

We took on the audio tour of the Berlin Cathedral and climbed our way to the lookout area around the main dome. We found some amazing views and watched the sunset from up here.

Molly got pretty good at the group selfies.

Beer and Currywurst Tour

The last thing on our agenda for day two in Berlin was a beer and currywurst tour throughout the city. If you know anyone in the Fiser family, you know we some love beer. I will have to admit, we weren’t fans of the currywurst but the beer was excellent.

Walking Tour of Berlin

After the currywurst and beer tour, the night before our crew was a little slow to get moving.

The main event for day three was the walking tour through Berlin.

Pieces of the Berlin Wall still remain within the city and they’ve been transformed into artwork.

After the walking tour, we headed to a German beer hall to grab very large beers and traditional German food.

We headed back to the Hilton and to our surprise, a pretty awesome party was happening in the lobby. We sat down and Facetimed Hadley and Eleanor, queue the photos of Molly and Eric making funny faces at them.

Eric has this thing where he makes goofy faces at Hadley and she always makes them back. Gotta love having nephew and nieces.

My dad, Molly, and Eric had quite the time partying with some ladies from Ireland. While dancing the night away with the hotel band.

Well, Steve, Molly, and Eric had WAY too much fun in the hotel lobby and had a very slow start to the day. We ended our trip to Berlin with visiting more Christmas markets and heading to a place called Monkey Bar. It’s a bar and restaurant that overlooks the monkey sanctuary at Berlin Zoo. Pretty neat place.

That pretty much sums up our trip to Berlin but stay tuned for a post in the future about the struggles we had getting back to Madrid and what all we did.

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