Prepare for Cuba with These Travel Tips

Bicycle rides in Cuba

If you know me, you know I’m an absolute planner but after traveling around the world, I’ve come to love going on trips without much of an itinerary or having any travel tips. I did just enough research to make sure we got our visas, knew we wanted to visit Havana, spend some time out […]

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10 Things You Must Do in Havana

things you must do in havana cuba

When we arrived in Havana, we didn’t have a plan for the next 48 hours. Here is a list of our top ten things you must do in Havana. 1. Tour Ernest Hemingway’s Home You can’t make a trip to Cuba without visiting a piece of such great history, Ernest Hemingway’s estate near, Havana, Finca […]

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How to Get a Cuban Visa as an American

Havana american classic convertible

When I started to plan our trip to Cuba, I was completely lost. I had no idea how all these Americans were getting a Cuban Visa. I knew that Americans could now travel to Cuba but they couldn’t travel on a vacation visa. In search of a visa loop hole, I was determined to get […]

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